Harvesting the Big Guns for Christmas 23rd Dec 2017

The final harvest of the Ballanisters 2017 crop was a pre-Christmas bonanza where the Giant Russian bulbs got pulled up. They were such glorious sizes it almost seemed a shame to rip them from their earthen throne at the front of the row. But what a treat. These guys really were the bulb on top of the icing of the cake.

And it marked a farewell to the  year long season I got to spend with three other awesome women farmers – Kel, Jess and Chloe. Together we nailed it. Lucky lucky me.


The photos don’t really communicate the gargantuan heights of these giants. They were so tall I could hardly fit them length-ways into my station wagon. When I got home I borrowed a 6-foot mate to demonstrate it better.






It was a pretty happy christmas 🙂

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