Doesn’t Walk like a Duck, Doesn’t Quack like a Duck. But is a Garlic Farmer.

Herein lies a little recount of a couple of years in the life of ‘the unlikely garlic farmer’.

Over the last two years I have bandied together with some impressive people to become a garlic farmer. In 2016, five us joined together in the Farmer Incubator program to learn about and grow our first crop of garlic on a borrowed patch of paddock in Ballan, north of Melbourne. The team behind Farmer Incubator were instrumental in giving me the impetus needed to just get cracking. Check them out, they’re really ace.

Then in 2017, I collected some good sorts from the previous year’s program to grow again, on our own, but this time at our generous friends, Cam and Ginny’s farm Phoenix Park also in Ballan.

Growing with all of these friends make me feel very grateful. Not just for the amazing people they already were, but for their shared taste for getting dirt on their hands and mud on their boots. I count these past two years as a couple of the best in my life because of who I got to grow with, talk to and get inspiration from. And, like all good ideas, it takes a good gang to really set it alight.

This blog details (in backward timescale like all good blogs) the last two years – what we did, how we did it and all the farmy adventures along the way. If you’re a new farmer, or an old hand, you might be interested. But most importantly if you’ve always fancied the idea of being a farmer, but haven’t yet (because you don’t think you look or act like one) this will definitely be your cup of tea.

As of 2018, I’m now having a crack at growing solo and you can read and see all about it over at Plants Bandit if you like what you’ve read so far.


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