Harvest Day 5th Dec 2017

Being a busy time of year for everyone makes harvesting a bit tricky – finding a spare few hours let alone a day is a challenge. On top of that, picking the right time to pull them relies on a few variables, like how recently it’s rained, and whether bulbs have formed fully without being overcooked.

As is the case with farming in general, serendipity is an underrated factor. Planning and expertise is essential,  but sometimes the winning factor is just the added magic of luck. Just ask Steven Bradbury – after he went from being an ace speed skater to a verb.

Smart we lady farmers certainly are, but lucky we are too. And harvest day produced a bounty of garlic bulbs that surpassed all expectations of size and form. These babies came up a cropper. As I drove home in the dusty Mitsubishi bursting to overfull with garlic, I truly felt like the king of the world.


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