Real Farmers Irrigate 9th Nov 2017

Harvest time is approaching and some other growers are starting to pull their bulbs up already. This weekend I pulled a couple of bulbs to check on their size and shape but although they are looking great, the cloves are not quite fully formed. I figured it’s going to be at least a couple of weeks before they’re due for harvest.


It’s been pure lucky weather patterns that’s prevented the need for extra irrigation on this and last year’s crops. A full winter’s worth of rain in 2016 meant the bulbs had a big kickstart to growth in the Spring. And this year, with mulch as an extra insulator against the drying winds, the rainfall we have had has been enough to get them through.

However, water is the giver of life, as the drought dwellers say, and rain has been less ample in 2017.  The portable, pumpable water tank of Cam’s is certainly a marvel, but the logistics of getting it moved around the crop without a tow ball was to much even for my advanced intelligence… So I bought a couple of hoses instead; one as extension line from the tap and one a soaker hose to run between the bulbs. Using a soaker hose has the added benefit of watering while you do something else. Namely, that old salty sea dog, weeding.


Watering and weeding done, I had time to find a few ladybirds and squeeze in a scone at my second favourite cafe in Ballan before tidying up Cam’s garlic and sailing home happy.  Just another lucky day in the dirt for me.






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