Planting for Cam and Finding Plover Eggs 23rd June


This was the view greeting us today as we arrived, ready to plant some of Cam’s garlic in the spare row. Farm Manager Tony has a meticulous style and knows what he’s on about. He combed through the top soil to loosen and uproot any weeds (mostly nettle) so it was ready for us to plant straight in. Champ!

On our way to check out our own crop, the new residents, a pair of plovers, gave our Jess the evil eye and we discovered why – they had laid eggs right in the middle of a row of garlic! Beautiful 🙂


As for our garlic babies, there has been a lot of chewing the tops off by rabbits since we were out last. Hopefully they’ll reproduce extra leaves and survive the nibble onslaught.

Another thing we noticed was a general lack of green on the leaves. There was a bit of yellowing which could either be a lack of nitrogen or perhaps even too much( but less likely). Early days, but fingers crossed for an improvement in the next month or so.

And finally – to mulch or not to mulch. Those sections covered in mulch were doing a reasonably good job of suppressing weeds but we also noticed a greater retention of moisture under the surface. This could be either a good thing (if it doesn’t rain much this winter) or a bad thing (too much moisture could rot bulbs/stalks). Kel decided to leave some of hers uncovered as those ones were doing much better with overall growth.

Just before we got stuck into planting Cam’s bulbs we took to the weeding on the raised vegie beds. There were some rows of garlic and other veg hidden there from last year that Tony had planted. Very satisfying to get our hands stuck into the dirt for the afternoon. And I’m pretty sure pulling weeds is the shortest way to Nirvana.


We love plover eggs 🙂

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