Planting Days April 21st/22nd 2017

In the last week of April, we planted our garlic. Checking the effect of adding the mushy compost, we did another pH test and found it had improved from 5.5 (at our reading a month back) to around 6.5, which was a great sign for our garlic – which prefers slightly alkaline soil.

Between us today we’ve put about 6 different varieties into the ground, as well as a variety of sizes, with smalls, split bulbs and single bulbs going in for seed and quality testing.

The soil was damp from a few showers in the last couple of days. Perfect for planting. A few of us poked holes then planting bulbs directly in, attempting to keep spacing pretty formal and allowing for drip tape later if needed. The other method used was drawing a small trench and dropping the bulbs along.

Sorting out the bulbs


One clove per hole


Louis the Legend shows us how it’s done
There’s a lot you can do with a bamboo stick and electrical tape
A little last minute bulb breaking
On the home stretch by the afternoon, we got visited by a couple of little easter bunnies with some choccy treats.
I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself here.
Staffroom banter
Garlic-growing guns right there.

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