Weeding and Being Cold 10/7

After an update from Jose’s recent visit to the garlic, we knew that Ballan was cold, so very very cold. But it was time to head out and follow up from Jose’s solo weeding session.

This is how the day began, as it does for all hard-working farmers the world over: late morning chai lattes and a variety of pastries in a hipster cafe.

IMG_8939Then we got into the car, with some new cute and furry members of the gang (who were impeccably behaved for the whole day and our new official favourites).

Then to work! Oh the humanity.

This is what we found when we got to Ballan –

Slight yellowing of the outer leaves as well as whole chunks of our mulch blown off the lower few rows.  So this meant there were some garlic bulbs literally blanketed in a thick pile of hay and other bulbs bare and sometimes above ground – just sitting on the top of the soil after the top layer had been blown off.

Gusty winds round these parts.

It was stupendously cold and with one of the team feeling pretty poorly to start with, we did our best to weed a row and replace some of the wayward mulch.

I personally fought the urge to just mince about the paddocks with this little charmer –


Finally we decided this was a mug’s game and we retreated to the warmer climes of Melbourne…

So long little garlics. God speed…



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