Ballanisters Unite for Planting! 7/5

Our lovely site on Planting Day! After doing a little raking to give a flat-ish surface, we began to put our little babies to bed (planted garlic).  We began painstakingly measuring out distances between bulbs (approx 10 -15cm apart) but then became guns at it and instinctively placed them in the right spots. Then we went back and buried them in a shallow hole in the soil.

Since last weekend’s mushroom compost spread, there were still areas that were pretty moist but otherwise, very dry soil on top. Mulch will come in pretty handy .


After watering the third world way (bucketing water into wheelbarrows, then wheeling barrows to the garlic beds, then bucketing the water across each bed with our hands), we appreciated the resources we take for granted. Like irrigation pipes. And rain.

It was an afternoon of hard yakka, energised by stops for ashen goat’s cheese and bikkies. Sigh.

A job well done, we decided to collectively admire our shoes.

And as for our feelings about our  garlic planting day, I think Jose’s position says it all –



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